DFWHQ says juggernaut JFK terminal on track.


Sep 22, 2002
Good sources have told us that JFK terminal construction has DFWHQ ''blessings'' everything else on a day by day review. JFK-LAS coming on line soon.
[BLOCKQUOTE][BR]----------------[BR]On 1/6/2003 12:07:06 PM AAquila wrote: [BR][BR]JFK-LAS coming on line soon[BR][BR]----------------[/BLOCKQUOTE][BR][BR] [FONT size=1]Too funny.I had emailed JFK-LAS in as a suggestion last summer,before[BR] National sank and before jetblue announced their intent to start service in[BR] the market.[BR][BR] Good thing they struck while the iron was hot. [/FONT]
On 1/6/2003 8:28:02 PM glasspilot wrote:

>> JFK-LAS coming on line soon. [<

Sounds like our old TWA 777 being recessitated.

Amen, brother. 777 it is.
I think that "JFK-04" is going to be an absolute "positive BOMBSHELL", that will benefit a large amount of employees, of every work group. It would be only fitting, since JFK was the true home of TWA, and not STL.
For any of us who would want to be a part of it, It's my MOST sincere wish, that as many employees as possible will meet (some day soon), on board the JET TRAIN, commuting to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"With ALL fingers crossed"


Just to "tickle" the imagination, add in a AA/BA alliance.
WOW !!!!!!!!!