Eagle Northeast System Goes All-RJ in January

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Sep 18, 2002
[P class=MsoNormal style=MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt][FONT face=Times New Roman size=5][STRONG]Eagle Northeast System Goes All-RJ in January[/STRONG][/FONT][/P]
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[P class=MsoNormal style=MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt][FONT face=Times New Roman size=3]As part of the continual assessment and evaluation of the American Eagle operation, Eagle announced today that all of Eagle''s system in the Northeast will be operated with regional jets, effective Jan. 2, 2003. These changes are being made for a number of reasons. [/FONT][/P]
[P][FONT face=Times New Roman size=3]Providing exclusively regional jet service in the Northeast will improve our competitive position and, ultimately, increase our revenues by providing a product our customers prefer, said Peter Bowler, President, American Eagle. Unfortunately, this change also means that our maintenance base in Albany and our Saab pilot crew base in JFK will close.[/FONT][/P]
[P][FONT face=Times New Roman size=3]We simply cannot afford to keep a Saab maintenance base in New York when this aircraft will not be operated in that region, remarked Bowler. Maintenance and engineering employees in Albany were notified this morning of the changes. I am especially sorry the maintenance base in Albany will close after 14 years of service to Eagle. We have many great employees there with long service records. Our hope is that we will be able to employ many of these people in vacant positions at other Eagle locations, said Bowler. [/FONT][/P]
[P][FONT face=Times New Roman size=3]As a result of having just one aircraft type in the region, Eagle will gain the ability to more easily route aircraft and crews. The company will also be able to support the same number of aircraft with the existing maintenance bases in Bangor, Columbus and Raleigh-Durham.[/FONT][/P]
[P][FONT face=Times New Roman size=3]In addition, the JFK Saab pilot domicile will close on Jan. 31. Decisions that affect our people are always difficult, Bowler commented. But I''m pleased that we don''t expect any Eagle pilot furloughs as a result of these changes. [/FONT][/P]
[P][FONT face=Times New Roman size=3]Saab pilots currently assigned to JFK will be displaced and awarded other pilot positions based on their seniority, while JFK regional jet flying will be covered by the L.A. and BOS domiciles. No Eagle flight attendant displacements are anticipated as a result of today''s announcement, but JFK inflight mailboxes, flight management offices and inflight crew lounge will move to LGA.[/FONT][/P]
[P][FONT face=Times New Roman size=3]Currently, eight active and two spare Saab aircraft operate in the Northeast and are maintained in Albany. In November, this fleet is reduced to seven active aircraft and one spare. In December, it is reduced even further with the elimination of one roundtrip each JFK-ALB, JFK- PIT and JFK-BWI. On Jan. 2, Saab flying will be eliminated completely. The Saab aircraft currently flying in the Northeast will transfer to the LAX and DFW hubs as spare aircraft. [/FONT][/P]
[P][FONT face=Times New Roman size=3]Albany will continue to have five regional jet roundtrips per day between Albany and Chicago. Saab service between Albany and JFK will move from four to three roundtrips in Nov., and then from three to two on Dec. 2. On Jan. 2, JFK-ALB service will become all regional jet. In order to increase regional jet flying out of JFK, service between Boston and Nashville will be canceled and some additional frequency reductions and capacity adjustments will be made.[/FONT][/P]
[P class=MsoNormal style=MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt][FONT face=Times New Roman size=3]Again, making decisions that affect our people is very difficult, but are essential for us in this very competitive environment. We''re making decisions that will enable us to survive the current problems facing our business and position us well for growth in the future, Bowler concluded.[/FONT][/P]
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