Enhancing You Browsing Experience

Hi folks,
I notice that some of the linked news articles on these boards require free registration. I know that can be a hassle, and some will miss out on the information supplied due to this sometimes-lengthy process. I am by no certain means endorsing a product or company. I just hope to pass on some helpful information to enhance your browsing experience.

I use an extension called BugMeNot. In a nutshell, this extension accesses an on-line database to supply you with the registration needed. Other users of the BugMeNot extension submit the registration used, so you may get some interesting logons. Thus far I have been happy with this, and saves me time.

I use Mozilla’s Firefox browser. The link for the extension is here.
Internet Explorer users can find the extension/add-on here. I do not have this installed simply due to the fact that I only use Firefox.

Once installed, all you have to do is click on a link. Say, a report from Charlotte.com on the recent winter storm. In the “Already a Member/Sign Inâ€￾ box, right-click in the E-Mail Address box and a BugMeNot option should be available. Select this and the E-Mail and Password boxes should fill itself. Select “Sign Inâ€￾.

As with all products please read the product notes carefully to insure this is what you want. I am certain that there are other products out there, and am only relaying the product I use. Enjoy.