Etihad Airways Partners


Oct 29, 2003
Looks like the end is near for Etihad Airways Partners alliance.

Alitalia is for sale, and it looks like Ryanair wants to pick up some pieces of it.

Air Berlin likely will be split up between Lufhtansa, EasyJet and Thomas Cook

And Niki Lauda might put a bid in to take Niki off their hands.

That leaves Virgin Australia, Jet Airways, Air Serbia and Air Seychelles in the Etihad Partners alliance. I've no idea of how well (or not well) financially these airlines are doing.
I just talk to my friends, Franks and Hans, in LON near BA HQ. They said that there was a small group of people from Air Berlin employee unions, {Verdi cabin crew and ground staff, Vereinigung flight crew} to talk to BA management (IAG) and BA unions Reps about a BA (IAG) white knight proposal.

They said the White Knight proposal was base on a ESOP (Employee Shares Ownership Program) plan for all of Air Berlin EU system and International system at a cost 500-600 mln EUR. What they gather was the ESOP plan was base on 34% shares ownership for Air Berlin employee unions (held in a trust), 33% shares own by BA (IAG), and 33% shares own by AA.

The ESOP plan was to start out as 51% BA ownership and 49% AA ownership and BA/AA sharing operational cost. with the Air Berlin employees unions pay down the 34% ownership (held in trust), and operational cost. The operational expenses would be shared 34% AB, 33% BA,and 33% AA.

I told them to check into UAL ESOP, which when down. --$$$$$.

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