Aug 26, 2002
Being a former Eastern Airlines employee, I wish you people at United, as well as USAir the best of luck. Ii know it is a difficult time we find ourselves in this industry. Concessions seem to be the end-all to the problem. My personal opinion is that concessions do not solve the problem. Maybe, in these times, concessions may help. Maybe United is different, I don''t know. It is going to be interesting to see if the higher ups in the company take their share of the pay cuts and concessions. Are they going to pay for any of their medical insurance? Are their perks going to stop? When Eastern operated under chapter 11, then CEO Martin Shugrue, had the audacity to ask the bankruptcy judge for an increase in salary because his counterparts at the other carriers were compensated better. You better believe it. These execs think they are better than the rest of us. Just make sure your union leadership as well as every employee the higher ups take their fair share of cuts.


Aug 24, 2002
It would be nice if the concessions were fair. I have finally realized that in the corporate world those at the top always come out on top. That is the reality of it. I don't care if they pay Tilton 100 million a year as long as he earns it and we recover without giving everything we got back.