Fall/Winter capacity cuts announced.


Jun 15, 2007


Suspending nonstop service from Atlanta to Seoul and Shanghai and instead routing customers for these flights over Detroit or Tokyo, or on nonstop SkyTeam partner flights.

Suspending nonstop flights from Cincinnati to Frankfurt and London-Gatwick. Cincinnati customers will still be able to reach these and many other international destinations via our other European gateways.

Suspending nonstop service between New York-JFK and Edinburgh.

Reducing weekly frequencies connecting Atlanta and Detroit to Mexico City and postponing some previously planned seasonal service between non-hub cities and Mexican beach destinations due to the impact of the H1N1 virus on customers' travel plans.
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I believe there are more to be announced...
I think Delta will try to reduce ATL-SVO to seasonal
and pospone the restart of JFK-EZE
Seasonal service suspended:\
ATL-CPT Discontinued
JFK-EDI Discontined
Delta will move BOM back to JFK

Waiting to hear from the NW side of the operation
NW regarding International seems to have a lot of Domestic hub to International hubs as a focus for most International flights. probably adjusting frequencies and I would tend to think in a capacity cut.. imagine instead of direct flights to two international European hubs possibly only one. (that would still maintain the ability to maintain, International.. while enabling International connections) of course the larger hubs more than likely will keep a routing to the Pacific Hub (including some strategic NRT overfly routes)

I am thinking probably including some of domestic, that may be reduced, by retiring some older 757?

what I personally hope not to see regarding cutting cost is eliminating any onboard services especially domestically brought back, such as complimentary tidbits in main cabin, bringing back of IFE and enhancement of domestic FC meals and overall inflight products..

I am telling ya, that tidbit and movie..matters.

The planes really need to have a focus on cleanliness too.
Shamelessly stolen from a thread on A.net... I believe JFKEZE is suspended as well?

Market changes
· ATL-BOM service ends 10/24/09
o Last op. 24OCT EB, 23OCT WB
o JFK-BOM starts 25OCT EB, 26OCT WB
· ATL-ICN service ends 8/30/09
o Last op. 30AUG WB, 31AUG EB
o Daily NRT-ICN remains
· ATL-PVG service ends 9/1/09
o Last op. 1SEP WB, 2SEP EB
4/week DTW-PVG and Daily NRT-PVG remain
· CVG-FRA service ends 8/29/09
o Last op. 29AUG EB, 30AUG WB
o Daily ATL-FRA, DTW-FRA and JFK-FRA remain
· CVG-LGW service ends 8/29/09
o Last op. 29AUG EB, 30AUG WB
o Daily ATL-LGW remains (plus LHR service)

Suspended Service various dates through March 2010
· ATL-PRG service suspended 9/26/09-3/27/10
o Last op. 25SEP EB, 26SEP WB
o JFK-PRG remains 3x weekly
· ATL-SVO service suspended 9/29/09-3/26/10
o Last op. 28SEP EB, 29SEPWB
o Daily JFK-SVO remains
· JFK-AGP service suspended 10/18/09-3/27/10
o Last op. 17OCT EB, 18OCT WB
· JFK-KBP service suspended 9/12/09-3/27/10
o Last op. 11SEP EB, 12SEP WB
· JFK-PSA service suspended 10/19/09-3/27/10
o Last op. 18OCT EB, 19OCT WB
· JFK-SNN service suspended 10/4/09-3/26/10
o Last op. 3OCT EB, 4OCT WB
· JFK-VLC service suspended 10/11/09-3/26/10
o Last op. 10OCT EB, 11OCT WB
· ATL-ARN service suspended 8/23/08-3/27/10
o Last op. 22AUG EB, 23AUG WB

Seasonal Service ending early
· MSP-CDG seasonal service ends 8/30/09
o Last op. 30AUG EB and WB
· JFK-OTP seasonal service ends 9/6/09
o Last op. 6SEP EB, 7SEP WB
· CVG-AMS seasonal service ends 8/15/09
o Last op. 15AUG EB, 16AUG WB
o ATL only remaining DL-coded service, multiple gateways with NW-code flights
· ATL-VCE seasonal service ends 10/10/09
o Last op. 10OCT EB, 11OCT WB
o Daily JFK-VCE remains

Discontinued Service
· ATL-CPT service ends 8/29/09
o Last op. 29AUG (28AUG ATL originator)
· JFK-EDI service ends 9/19/09
o Last op. 19SEP EB, 20SEP WB
it appears a lot of the reductions for International will come from the DL side, which would seem to make a little more sense with all the additions to capacity recently. you know its not really suspending a flight when its wasn't established for a lengthy time period (of course it can always return when the need arises in the future too) to me, it just appears as though they added too much International at one time.

(sort of like adding too much BBQ sauce all up on that chicken on the grill, you dont need a whole lot at one time and you dont want a whole lot..you want just enough for what you need.. but!.. then you dont want too little either)

know what Im saying?

if they were to cut a significant part of NW international the merger to me just wouldn't have made a lot of sense reducing International flights at former NW bases/hubs when the prominent focus was domestic hub to international hub...

the flying will just be evenly balanced at all the hubs, which seems to make the most sense at this time..taking into consideration the economy and global recession or whatever line they come up with next.

to me, what would make the most sense in a capacity cut regarding the NW side is domestic, because eliminating International ..always what made the money and making the airline viable overall, NRT/AMS hubs..

flying a majority domestic, I hope they position the right aircraft on routes that make the most sense and enable IFE on the longer domestic flights.

overall, its very nice to see all the amenities added again, in my opinion should have never been taken off in the first place.

they seem to have made some very well thought out and important additions regarding SYD and other routes..

I hope they will be successful strategic decisions!