Furloghed Lod/o''s...


Apr 7, 2003
With the new VF5 coming up, CLT is going to be loosing almost all of it''s Domestic Lod/o''s on reserve. Now with all the lovely service and flights we are adding to places like Punta Cana, San Jose, Costa Rica, Mexico City, and additional flights to SJU.(and rumors of even more service to Latin American destinations)...How does the company plan to cover the blockholders currently staffing these flights? I am in no way suggesting that my LOD/O status should override seniority when it comes to furloughing, but obviously the company doesn''t realize what the hell they are doing. What gives?
My best friend is on the LODO program. He was told that a LODO was a COMPLEMENTARY SERVICE we provide passengers. Who knows.
Knowing how US mgmt works they probably will use sum of the VERY senior lodos that fly Int''l- Madrid. The avg LODo on Int''l is 20 years +...I should know i used to be one of them. Not that its the best decision but thats likely what will happen. IF u think they CAN ''T do it...THINK AGAIN... they pick and chooce at will how to interpret our flight attendant agreement. Just because they are in the division doesnt make one bit of difference to them....Thank U Sherry!

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