God Bless USAirways Employees


Sep 11, 2002
I truely feel akin to my brothers and sisters at USAirways. We will rise to the occasion, like we have done in the past.
Whether for or against our concessions, we will rise above.
Please guide us Dave!!!! You and the good Lord are all we have!
I sense the Spirit of the Lord in this topic area!

He is worthy! PTL!
Phil. 1:6
The Lord isn't behind corporate greed. Our BOD and Bush is. Dave might be a nice fella but he will have to step aside when hostile bidders come in. The Alabama group just put us in play and ruffled the friendly arrangement Dave had with Texas Pacific.
Praise Jesus,I got to file a 2 and 1/4 hour swap for 10/3 today..Thanks CWA! YOU are the BEST!! Hallelujuah!

I was kinda bummed I have to lose 25pct pay for my last couple of unused vacation weeks this year, where my CWA peers who used all theirs up get to keep all their dough. BUT, I give this up for the Lord, my sacrifice for the bigger cause. Descend upon me Holy Spirit.

I'm humbled and consoled by the fact that I have 60, uh, make that, 59, paid FMLA days to burn over the next few months..'Twas a nice day off today, weather was great for washing n' waxing the 'Vette. And rest assured I also took time to read a few Passages. Amen brothers Amen!