Goldman, Sachs & Co Resumes Uair


Mar 12, 2004
USA320Pilot said:

Let me be a little more specific...there is US Airways management and Wall Street reports that United could be rejected by the board. Apparently, the board is concerned with the industry-wide revenue break down, especially since the board found United to be overly optimistic in its last application regarding revenue projections.

Regardless, check this story out:

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Everyone is so worried about opinion vs fact. this is my opinion, usair, and united WILL merge, take it to the bank, they have been trying, and will continue to try until they accomplish their goal. their route network matches perfectly, they both are reducing their overhead/costs(at our expense, obviously, that means management personell who post here also),US went through bankruptcy(too quickly!!), united is there now, and will emerge. they will both be smaller in regards to debt load/overhead, will satisfy govt. regulators, and they will merge. my friend, DAVE, says consolidation is inevitable. but, he needs to cut costs more to make it worthwhile. he'll succeed., one way or another. in my humble opinion, this is the obvious, hope i'm wrong, pit maint is TOAST if this happens. then again, we lose airbus arbitration, we are toast in pit anyway, 73s we'll be gone faster than you can count to ten. good day!! more later :angry: :angry: :angry:


Aug 20, 2002
USA320Pilot said:
there is US Airways management and Wall Street reports that United could be rejected by the board. Apparently, the board is concerned with the industry-wide revenue break down,
OK, I checked your story out.

There is nothing that says UA could be rejected.
There is nothing that says that the ATSB is jittery regarding United's loan guarantee application.

Now here's my follow on question: If UA's board members, including ALPA's very own Master Executive Chairman, can not disclose any specific information regading discussions with the ATSB, how can USAirways management, Wall Street reporters, and your so called Analysts get such accurate and in depth knowledge of ANYTHING pertaining to UA's loan application process???

Wouldn't it be more accurate and less misleading to say that USAirways management and Wall Street reporters are SPECULATING (guessing; hypothesizing, strategizing, planning, whatever...) on what they THINK the board MIGHT do with regard to UA's loan application?

A statement like that would draw much less scrutiny. It is your arrogant way of stating your opinions and rumors as fact, as though you know so much more than everyone else about everthing, that turns people off to you.
Here are some excerpts from your article that I found interesting:

"United Airlines' chief financial officer told analysts Tuesday that securing a $1.6 billion federal loan guarantee remains the carrier's largest obstacle to emerging from Chapter 11 bankruptcy by midyear as planned.

But even if the request for government backing fails, Jake Brace said: "We're going to get out of bankruptcy, one way or the other."

United is in close consultation with the federal board as it reviews its application. "We are working very hard with them right now," he said.

Ray Neidl, a New York-based airline analyst for Blaylock & Partners, said United has done a good job reducing costs and still would have options to get out of bankruptcy if the federal loan guarantee application falls through.

On other matters, he said United:

-Has no "current intention" to terminate its pension plan amid the ongoing effort to reduce medical benefits for its retired employees.


Didn't you just say the other day that you are even less confident now that UA will be able to emerge at all??? Sounds like even the sources you quote disagree with you.


Aug 20, 2002
Hey USA320pilot,

I referenced the article you provided, and didn't see anything that justified your speculations about UA.

Why are you avoiding my questions?

Is it because you don't have a legitmate answer??



Sep 3, 2002
If UAIR and UAL are to merge, maybe we will see DCA going by the wayside in terms of asset sales as a looking forward attempt to fend off any regulatory approval?