Great Cranky Flyer column...Loss of Latam not the issue. AA Management is

Read this carefully. It's kind of complicated, but indicates that real problem is the way AA management has mishandled several issues.

Indeed Jim. I have also read some very revealing articles that the LATAM issue is the final nail in the coffin for Parker at AA as we will see. Some are even saying Parker will be out by end of year. Big shake up in AA's upper-upper management team are the way some of them read.
I tend to agree with them on this issue. Business issues being lost because of mismanagement at the very top is a key factor for the board to make changes starting with Parker and maybe even Isom too. Maybe it will be a happy new year for the AA employees...
Have to agree with the article. They havent decided what they want to be spirit or delta? With the pilots and flight attendants negotiations coming up, who knows how they will handle it.
The irony of the situation is they had the perfect storm when they took over aa when the floor dropped out of fuel prices it was like they hit the super lottery. They got greedy now the perfect storm is brewing again.
It’s been one bad move after another by the upper management and I never thought this was where we would be when this merger happened years ago.
Like it says AA had a chance to build something special instead what they have built is an Edsel and something needs to change and hopefully the start will be a JCBA for fleet and Maint
I like to use a baseball analogy when it comes to this leadership group.
Triple A talent but not enough to make it in the major leagues
Let's see. We lost Latam and Alaska code share. Our stock is in the basement. Somewhere in this is good news. I keep seeing articles popping up that AA needs to clean house. Will that be the answer?
Uh, no. That's just someone doing an opportunity buy because they feel the stock is at its bottom. AA already spent the money associated with that stock being issued.

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