Highest Load Factors Of The Majors

Busdrvr said:
Bizman said:
You and North by Northwest are both correct. Ual's "December" numbers are up 2.4%, but if you read further in the release UAL's pacific rpm's are down 14.4% for the "year", which is what Norht was refering to. Its kind of like the glass half full or half empty. Just depends on the numbers you look at.
Biz, let's oversimplify this a bit. NWA and UAL ARE the big US players in the pacific. Lets just concentrate for a moment on the RPMS that are flown between the two. In May 2002, NWA flew 55% of that shared traffic (by default UAL flew 45%). By December, UAL's share was 56%, and NWA's 44%. So a competitor, while in BANKRUPTCY, gains 21% market share on you in 7 MONTHS and you think thats a GOOD thing!!! :rolleyes: . Maybe UAL could garner 95% so the NWA guys could REALLY party!!! :blink:
You totally missed the point, let's oversimplify this a bit for you. From UAL's own press release you are down 14.4% RPM's for the YEAR and up 2.4% RPM's for the MONTH of Dec.