Honda Jet

a320av8r said:

Excellent footage!! I am glad to see Honda/GE entering the Micro-Jet market, and hope to see more companies follow suite. Another company Eclipse Aviation has also been under going FAA certification testing on their Eclipse 500 jet (video). Adam Aircraft Industries has their version (A700), but I do not know at what stage of development they are at.

If anyone has links to additional companies involved in the Micro-Jet market I would love to see them.
JackShowers said:
Also try:

If I recall correctly, there's a homebuilt, too, but I can't remember the name at the moment.


The last thing I heard was that VisionAire have financing problems, and the VA-10A is aviation version of “vaporwareâ€￾. It does appear to have some backing of an Israeli company, but time will tell.

It looks like CenturyAero is dead in the water as well. I can find nothing past year 2000 in regard to press releases or information.

That last AIN link was good. It had a lot of aircraft companies and aircraft information (links).

Thanks again.
Yes, and unfortunately Safire has gone belly up, too. Tough business.