Iam 141 messenger


Aug 30, 2002
Just received my 141-m IAM District Lodge News and Views.Scotty Ford states in the Presidents Report that the companys initial demand was to take receipt and dispatch from utility and mechanics,deicing from mechanics, turn over all aircraft cleaning from utility to ramp and demanded the right to close any maintenance station.With the exception of closing any maintenance station I believe this offer would have passed with mechanics.Lets face it even the closeing of any maintenance station, how much control of this have we had in the past.(Utica,San Diego,Air Motive,Winston Salem, Greensboro, Roanoke,Indy,,etc etc.If we vote no were going to lose all this anyway.Yo IAM you should have asked your membership!Now we are giving up pay ,vacation and benefits and the company is going to take these items anyway.I dont agree with much of what Chip says however I do believe there is still a United-USAirways deal in the works. When we vote no we will be out in the cold!Maybe all BS but just think about it!Iam should go back to the table,there is still time!VOTE AMFA!