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Aug 22, 2002
[P class=MsoNormal style=MARGIN: 0in 0.5in 0pt; mso-margin-top-alt: auto; mso-margin-bottom-alt: auto][FONT face=Times New Roman size=3]Please make a copy of this petition and post it in your (USAirways) work area.[BR][BR]Please sign this petition if you think our union dues should be lowered the same proportion as our pay and benefits have been lowered. Although the IAM said they are authorized to charge us higher dues than they currently charge, this point is irrelevant. Because, no matter how our dues amount was determined, if the current amount was correct for what we were paid before the concessions, our dues are now too high by the percentage our pay and benefits were lowered. If our dues stay the same after a 30% pay and benefits cut, that is a 30% increase of our dues! [BR][BR]When everyone that agrees has signed, make copies of this petition. Send a copy to:[BR][BR](1) R. Thomas Buffenbarger, IAM International President, 9000 Machinists Place, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772-2687[BR](2) Scotty Ford, District 141-M, 321 Allerton Ave., P.O.Box 3141, South San Francisco, CA 94083-3141[BR](3) Your local union office, and [BR](4) Everyone who signed the petition.[BR][BR]After a reasonable period of time, the people who signed should start asking the IAM when our dues will be lowered.[/FONT][/P]
You are wasting your time, if you took the time to find out how and when dues are calcualted you would have found out the dues will be reduced come January
jetmechline, Your better off starting a drive to boot out the iam. Look what happened at Southwest. They booted out the iam a long time ago and now they are booting out the teamsters.The iam has never looked out for it's members.I guess it's members are to CONFUSED to know better.I would love to see the iam booted off the property.
On 11/12/2002 6:00:19 PM LDKIAM wrote:

You are wasting your time, if you took the time to find out how and when dues are calcualted you would have found out the dues will be reduced come January


Inform us all, please. What will be the monthly union dues amount come January 2003?

Jet Mechanic
jetmechline, Your better off starting a drive to boot out the iam. Look what happened at Southwest. They booted out the iam a long time ago and now they are booting out the teamsters.The iam has never looked out for it's members.I guess it's members are to CONFUSED to know better.I would love to see the iam booted off the property.
IAM dues should be zero now! The company remibursed them for expenses of negotiating this last deal, and now they do not have to do anything for over six years! It will be a really absurd period time when they do not have any negotiating costs at all, considering when the previous contract was signed. I guess they need to keep getting our money to pay those greens fees at those conferences they always attens.
the problem is not with the IAM or the TEAMSTERS or the TWU or ANY OTHER UNION.You vote in AMFA tomorrow and shortly thereafter the same bunch of sniveling,whining crybabies will be in the corners of the hangar bad mouthing AMFA.they'll talk down their policies,they'll bad mouth the leadership(who most likely will still be the same people who worked their local,wanna know why they'll be the same people?? )because whats wrong with our union and all the other unions is EVERYONE WANTS TO #### BUT NO ONE WANTS TO DO ANYTHING TO CHANGE IT!Aw the hell with it,let somebody else worry about that.
Go to a union meeting and see how many CONCERNED TRADE UNIONISTS are there. When U was going for the concessions and IAM held informationals at the hall,there were pecker heads who didn't know where their UNION HALL WAS,why,'cause they never went there.
The iam does not tell their members squat !!! They should be kicked out the door.The only time I saw our president of our local is when he was up for election and wanted a vote.
Will someone with the know how, please initiate the proceedings to oust the iam from ramp service? If no one has the nerve to start the ball rolling, point me in the right direction and i'll do what I can to start the proceedings!
CWA is the same way, I know the res folks are going to jump in, but when the Great CWA gets most of the outsourced then you will hear how they really feel about the great cwa......the CWA rep advised us, the reason we took such a major paycut, is because the company and cwa feel the res folks are tele marketers, which i do not feel this way at all, but, i feel the cwa folks should being paying less union dues, they sold us down the river.....
First of you need to get your facts straight, one the IAM did not accrete you into the bargaining unit the National Mediation Board did that when the IAM presented them with signed Authorization Cards from Planners and Tech Specialists, the NMB ruled similar class and craft at a hearing where numerous US Airways Executives and lawyers testified, as a matter of fact there were classifications that were ruled not be in the bargaining unit. Here is the link to the case from the NMB with all the facts, history and testimony: [A href=http://www.nmb.gov/representation/deter2001/28n030.html][FONT color=#336699]http://www.nmb.gov/representation/deter2001/28n030.html[/FONT][/A]. The NMB accreted your group and ruled that there was no election to be taken place in the classifications accreted and I believe US Airways has deeper pockets then the IAM, so once again post facts and not your untruthful opionions.[BR][BR]Too many of my coworkers have been bumped to furlough just another 423, and over a thousand in October of 2001, so I know what is like to be bumped around and move to have to keep your job, were you around in 1990 and 1991 when they closed the west coast stations and Utica, I was and was affected, as a matter of fact I just got displaced to a lower classification and I am taking a $160 a week paycut. So I think I know what is it to be affected by a seniority system. A seniority has its pros and cons, but it prevents favortism and kiss asses. And workers in my group voted in 1949 to be unionized and all employees seeking employment in maintenance were well aware that it is unionized[BR][BR]And if you took the time to read your contract you would know that someone can only displace you if they hold time in your classification and they are in the same bargaining unit, here is the link to your agreement: [A href=http://www.iam141m.org/usplan1.htm][FONT color=#336699]http://www.iam141m.org/usplan1.htm[/FONT][/A].[BR][BR]Yes I am a supporter of the IAM and I don't agree with everything they do, but I have seen what happens to employees that are not represented by a labor union on this property. Back in 1992 the Customer Service Agents and Fleet Service employees were non-union, the company unilaterally imposed new conditions on them once the pilot group accepted concessions. They lost their sick time, vacation, OJI time, thier pension was frozen and they no longer had a defined contribution plan, they company took 40% of the full time employees and made them part time, cutting there hours from 40 to 25 a week, therefore making them pay several hundred dollars a month for family medical insurance, in CLT you had to have had at least 13 years with the company in order to maintain full time status, they took away the Express work from them causing mass layoffs, contracted out mail and frieght causing loss of revenue and jobs, imposed pay cuts on them, all the while when you had employees on the property with less then three years that the company could not impose new work rules on them because they were unionized.[BR][BR]Apparently you are not a union oriented person which is your choice, if you dont like paying dues, become a dues objector and lose all your rights, or maybe you should get off your duff and get involved and make a change if you dont like it. You know you can lead the horse to water but you cannot make him drink. The facts have been out their in front of your face, it is your own fault that you chose not to learn them instead of posting what you think are the facts. Take the time and go to the links I posted on here and learn what happened and what rights you have. And the Closed Shop is legal under the Railway Labor Act and the company and union negotiated the union security agreement. Here is a link to the RLA: [A href=http://www.nmbfacts.com/RLA&Index.htm][FONT color=#336699]http://www.nmbfacts.com/RLA&Index.htm[/FONT][/A].[BR][BR]All I know is I have seen what this company has done to its non-union employees and I will tell you that is this day and age, unions are necessary in the aviation industry, if you don't believe me go ask anyone CSA or FSA who were around in the days of them being non-union. What do you think Dave would have done if the majority
On 11/13/2002 2:44:05 PM cat 111 wrote:

The iam does not tell their members squat !!! They should be kicked out the door.The only time I saw our president of our local is when he was up for election and wanted a vote.

No doubt! Our work group was accreted into the union, without us holding a representation vote, and we found out about two months later from a third shift stock clerk in IND. I have heard from them three times since our accretion in December 2000. They sent out a request for contract proposals (not a thing any of our department requested was granted, and most of it was just along the lines of leave us the he!! alone), then when they shoved the contract in our boxes (did not have a chance to vote on it), then the sign this so we can take your hard earned cash out of your check every two weeks letter.

Now they are going to let four people who have no training in our job function kick four of us to the street (that is 1/3 of our department), just on the basis of their positions being abolished and them having more company seniority. How the heck is doing this an efficient use of limited company resources. None of these people want to come in here, they would rather just take their severance and take the furlough, but the union says they must bump or resign. What a crock. I can't believe the company is going to retrain 1/3 of a department, and bring people in making more money. No wonder this place continues to bleed like a head wound.

When the doors get shut and the company liquidates, will the IAM send me We Won signs like the Eastern employees had? This is what makes me relieved it will be over for me soon. I sincerely hopes the company makes it, and thrives in the future. Nothing would make me happier, but does anyone actually see it happening? At least I'll be back in the job market before the remaining 7000 employees in CLT all hit it at once.
modify johnnnie kennedy's famous line:
dear sir:i feel your pain(bill clinton1998)...if you are so unhappy with the IAM,what took you so long?i've been in PIT for about 17 years...i only remember an organizing drive with you guys very recently.am i correct?all the pain....what the hell took you so long?
please be advised: i am proworker,i have been involved at the grass roots level in OUR union.how 'bout you?or are you one of the sniveling crybabies i mentioned before?
no insult too you my friend,but what have you done to help?
or is it as i suspect,PART OF THE OVERALL PROBLEM?
i enjoyed the part aboutI WILL NOT BE DOING ANY UNION MEETINGS....WAA-WAA-WAA-WAA....i'll bet you my left nut you'll trip over yourself picking up the phone if they call you back,jack. then the crying willstart all over again.I LOVE MY UNION BROTHER-WE NEED MORE LIKE YOU,charlie!

I know what the contract says, and I know what the accretion ruling was. I read it probably before you knew it happened. How can the IAM defend not telling us that we were accreted. And we are neither planners, nor tech specialists, nor did our department sign cards. As a matter of fact, not a single airline has people that perform our job function members a labor group. All we wanted was to be left alone, and we got shafted. Our department had no representation during negotiations, depsite all the begging and pleading (we offered to send someone on our dime - were rejected by the IAM). We were improperly classified as planners due to our lack of representation. We had no vote on what our contract was (I took a $5/month paycut after union dues came out the way they worked the payscale). How is the IAM working for us, or how do we get involved when no information is shared with us, nor are we allowed to vote on our contract? Do you realize that the IAM never sent anyone up to our department to give us any info (someone was supposed to showup one day, and never did)? Personally, I like to get kissed before I get $#%&*@!

Also, interest cards are to be only used for the purpose of gauging interest for a vote. If the IAM was in our best interests, why did they not let the people vote if they wanted representation? I thought you were pro-worker. I guess that is only pro-union worker. Obviously, you once again only know what is happening from the union perspective, and have no idea how our work group really feels about this issue, so I suggest you either open your mind and find out or stop commenting on something you obviously know nothing about.

Also, I will not be particpating in any union meetings, as I will be furloughed in two weeks. I will be onto bigger and better things for myself. My best wishes to you as this place continues it's death spiral. You'll love trying to find work with your mentality. Face it, big labor is a dinosaur, soon to be extinct forever. People will be able to make a living on their own merits again, on the same principles this great nation was founded on. The biggest plus for me is I will no longer have to support the dead weight the union so ardently strives to protect.