Issa: Edison's use of visa program 'deeply disturbing'

SparrowHawk said:
These issues are all addressed under Private property rights, the right to self-ownership and non coercion. Food safety should be the responsibility of the food producer. Government regulation doesn't make the citizen less dead if they consume tainted food, it just makes them less free. Lawsuits, however can and do (Even now) put producers of dangerous products out of business and sometimes in jail.

Speaking of lawsuits and how effective they are. NJ and Exxon just settled a case. Exxon contaminated 1,500 acres. Est cost to restore it was about $9 billion including graft and fraud costs. Exxon settled with NJ for a whopping $250 million. I bet corporations look at this case and are quaking in their boots about the cost of doing something bad.

Do you seriously think the corrupt legal system is the way to hold the corrupt business and corrupt government in check?
Looks like two people need a "Time Out"
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