JB Pilot job status


Jan 13, 2003
Is anyone familiar as to the conditions JB pilots are employed? I heard that they fall under some employment contract status that must be renewed after a time period (5 years?) in order to stay.
I''ve talked to a couple of their guys and that appears to be the case. I don''t think that the company could abuse this without causing a backlash in the form of a union coming on property to counter abuse.
The contract "automatically" is renewed every five years. It actually guarantees more to the pilot than the company.

Under all circumstances, it is a non issue and nothing to be concerned about.

Hope that helps :)
Why what?

The contract guarantees a certain level of income, even if the company should have RIF, reduced flying or other issues!
Contracts don't mean anything . . . . as evidenced by the recent capitulation by American's APA with it's "no furlough" clause and it's 23% paycut based on an old contract wage base.

And I think JB pilots have it right by not unionizing. Save the couple of hundred bucks a months.
After having been screwed by ALPA TWICE!!!! I aplaud JB guys and gals for having the fortitude for going it alone!