JetBlue Flight Attendants to File for Union Representation Vote


Oct 23, 2010
Was glad to read this this morning. I heard they were gonna try again after Pilots did. Once the F/A's are union, it will not be long and the mechanics will be too. The F/A speaking in the article is right, if anything, they will need representation for any mergers in the future. I will throw a guess out there that 3/4 will vote to be represented, it was over 70% for the Pilots. Good luck to you all. Hope you have the sigs to get a vote...

Exclusive: JetBlue Flight Attendants Expected To File Today For A Union Election
Read this article this morning. Some advice for the JB mechanics; Think about this after reading the article below. If the mechanics at JB decide to go union there would be approx. 750 mechanics in the same union as the other group at 2500. They will way, way outnumber you guys so do not put yourselves in that kind of position it will not be good. You guys would be better off going with a class and craft union that is more situated for mechanics not bus drivers or truck drivers. Just look at the problems they are having over at AA with their mechanics getting a new JCBA which are represented by both the TWU and the IAM industrial unions. I agree that you guys need to be unionized soon as JB looks more and more for a merger partner in the future. Yes being union will help you all have a voice but at least get the right voice from a class and craft union for Aircraft Mechanics industry, not truck drivers, bus drivers or fleet unions, keep in in YOUR industry and do not allow another group in that will easily outnumber you guys where you will get out voted, out negotiated, and no real focus on the mechanics. Good luck to you guys and do the right thing that is best for your industry not some other groups industry. Get a mechanics industry union to represent you guys and gain all the control of the union instead of THEM having all the control...

Transport Workers Union, Highly Visible In New York, Looks To Organize More JetBlue Workers
To the AMT'S at Jetblue, if you want a union then choose a craft union. Stay away from industrial unions. One size does not fit all and strength in numbers is a false concept. Example is the highly dysfunctional Association at American Airlines. My opinion is the Flight Attendants at Jetblue could have made a better choice than the TWU. American Airlines flight attendants dumped the TWU in 1978 for better representation. They never looked back. I wish your flight attendants luck because they will need it.
I agree 1AA.
I know most you JB'ers don't like posting, but can anyone tell us how the drives are going? And, who are the union's trying to get in?? It won't be long now that the F/A's has followed the Pilots to get unionized that the mechanics will also be unionized soon. If you all don't you will get left behind in any sort of merger, buy-out, or take over...