Joe Manchin - Build Back Blunder?

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None of which is relevant to the comments about WV being a high drug overdose state... which is also categorically false.

WV ranks in the lower quartile of states who report overdose deaths:

I'm sure the families of the deceased will see that in a different light. You are correct, now, it was higher previously and has been on the decline. My best guess is they're running out of addicts.


Like being 'slightly pregnant'?
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Well, you're the one inferring that Manchin is going against the interests of his constituency.

So far, there hasn't been any in-state backlash...
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I suppose that depends on where one is looking? I've seen plenty of pushback from WV residents, local labor, etc.
Local labor? Like the coal miners who supported Obama then found out the hard way they screwed up? They must nolw have short term memory issues.
That 4 Bn you mentioned, was most likely a tickler for Manchin.

Maybe, but neither is mentioning Hunter Biden or that WV went 3-to-1 for Trump when discussing something that enjoys bipartisan support like this bill (and specifically the child care tax credit).
Bipartisan support? Really?
Right now, there isn't even a plurality of support where it matters.

Yeah, you'll find people on both sides who want free money, and you'll find people on both sides who see the problem with giving away free money.

49/51 isn't exactly winning that argument. If you had a 60-40 split, you might be able to argue otherwise.
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First, on the Child Care provision,Manchin is in support. Dems want it for one year, Manchin wants it for ten.

So the mantra Manchin is against child care is BS.

Then his polling shows (as of mid Nov):

The survey finds that Manchin, at least for now, is aligned with West Virginia voters on the $1.75 trillion Build Back Better proposal. Sixty-one percent agree with Manchin’s current position of opposing the spending proposal.

Manchin also appears to have the support of West Virginians with his position of maintaining the filibuster. Sixty-seven percent agree the filibuster should continue.

These poll numbers indicate a remarkably strong position for Manchin in a deep red state. It has evidently helped that Manchin has been in the news nearly every day opposing key elements of the Biden agenda.
West Virginia Chamber of Commerce President Steve Roberts told Fox and Friends in a recent interview. said:
What I am finding is that West Virginia supports Senator Manchin in his decision to say this is not the right Build Back Better bill.

I think West Virginians have found out the stakes are high and they come with high consequences. This bill has been proven to be inflationary in the short run.

It has been proved and scored by the Congressional Budget Office to add to the National debt.

It creates uncertainty for 53 percent of the parents whose children who are in religious based childcare.

For us here in West Virginia it taxes energy production and adds to the cost of natural gas.

I think all of those things cause us in West Virginia to say Senator Manchin is right.
Hardly surprising, given only 42% of households actually pay income tax.

Taxation without representation was worth fighting for, but now we've got representation without taxation which has proven to be just as dangerous.