Kudos to ABQ ground


Aug 19, 2002
Just a quick note from a satisfied passenger saying great job! to those hard-working folks at ABQ.
On Saturday, once again, I watched you guys turn a late arrival into an on-time departure. Ususally for me this occurs on 2044 from TUS, which unfortunately is delayed at it''s originating point, SAN, with some frequency.
Although 35 min late departing TUS, by the time 2044 pushed at ABQ it was only about five minutes behind, and arrival in MCI was right on time!
I''m sure you guys do the same on other occasions--and this passenger (''Customer'') appreciates it!
mga707 - I hear ya. Before my dad passed away, my daughter and I would two step from MCI to DAL via OKC to visit (thank you Jim Wright). So, being on time is rather critical. Our MCI-OKC flight was late arriving from MDW. When it did arrive, the ground crew was art in motion, going after that plane like a NASCAR pit crew. Got to experience one of the original 10 minute turns... and this was during a time when the rampers were in negotiations for their new contract. Got into OKC only about 5 minutes late. Kudos to the folks in MCI for that one.
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