Late Rescue for Vanguard?

For the sake of their pilots/employees, I hope they find a way to operate, but I doubt that they will return. Even if they return, there is little chance for success. They operated for around a decade and never could find their niche. I would venture to guess that a reborn vanguard would find it quite difficult to regain passenger confidence, and in todays environment of super cheap fares, they won't have any lowfare market advantage to entice passengers away from AA/SWA/etc.

It's still up in the air, although Kansas City has mixed emotions about it...if they are liquidated, this will speed up the renovation of terminal A and save this city about $5 million in renovation costs. On the other hand, it's always nice to have as many airlines as possible operating out of your airport. Given the struggles Vanguard has had, and the current economic climate, I doubt that there are any really serious buyers out there.