Latest news on UA union court actions

[SPAN class=headline][A href=]United To File 1113 Motion Tomorrow, December 27[/A][BR][BR][SPAN class=headline][A href=]United Holds Off Filing Motion on Redoing Contracts[/A][BR][BR][SPAN class=headline][A href=]United Delays Motion to Terminate Contracts[/A][BR][BR][SPAN class=headline][A href=]United Airlines Seeks to Void Labor Deal[/A][BR][BR][SPAN class=headline][A href=]United Seeks to Void Labor Contracts[/A][/SPAN][/SPAN][/SPAN][/SPAN][/SPAN]
Alpa and IAM are denying they requested delay in filing 1113 motion. I guess that leaves the AFA. As usual the press is giving out incorrect info. to stir the pot. Its getting to the point, to disregard anything you read in any media and find out the truth here and when posted on the various union sites.

All I can say is that the media must really be holding a grudge and vowed vendetta against UAL and really wants to agitate the unions to destroy the airline. ADVICE, DO NOT PUT ANY CREDENCE IN ANYTHING YOU READ IN THE PRESS. It is written not as fact but in such a way to undermine and agitate the employees.

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