LUS Retirement Healthcare Question - PBGC that just for one person? is it high deductible?  that's is a pretty good price if not..
I called the PBGC, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC, OneExchange, AA benefits and tried calling the IRS, you can forget the IRS. No one knew for sure. The PBGC and AA benefits were the most helpful, but PBGC is still waiting on the IRS.
The best I could tell, is any individual plan will qualify for HCTC. I don't think the American Airline Pre-65 will qualify because AA benefits said it's still a group plan even though you pay 100%..   
Here is what Blue Cross NC sent for me to look at,
Blue Select GOLD 1000 would be around $280.00 per month after the PBGC/ HCTC tax credit.

Primary Care Office Visits $15 copayment in-network / 50% coinsurance out-of-network
Prescription Drugs $10 / $25 / $45 / $65 / 25% Find a Drug
Prescription Deductible $0
Deductible $1000 in-network / $2000 out-of-network
Got a few answers. Any individual plan works. HCTC picks up 72.5%. The IRS will start advance payments for their monthly percentage starting July 2016. Until then you pay it, then file an 8885 form and get reimbursed. Right now this option runs through Dec31, 2019. I look for it to be extended beyond.
A Blue Cross $1100 policy will run YOU after HCTC around $295.00.