Maybe Frontier and Allegiant should hookup to become the largest ULCC on the planet


Apr 26, 2005
Yes Frontier will make out big if JB/Spirit combo gets blessed. I also think that Frontier should reach out to Allegiant about them combining to be the largest ULCC to better keep the ticket prices at bay. Because if/when the JB/Spirt gets blessed JB's cost will rise to approx .12 cents excluding fuel and will have to charge more than JB does even now for tickets...

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Nah, vastly different approaches and cultures exist between Allegiant and Frontier that make them pretty much incompatible as partners.

Allegiant sees themselves as a travel company that just happens to operate an airline. Their network centers on bringing people to golf and gaming resorts... most of their revenue comes from package deals with air/hotel bundled together.

Frontier is owned by Indigo Partners, who is a VC firm that dabbles in owning smaller ULCC's worldwide. They don't bundle. They'd sell individual pretzels if they could get away with it.

The only thing they have in common is being ULCC's.
You are probably right. Was really just a thought on what Frontier might do going forward after losing out of the bidding for Spirit. However, I do have a feeling Frontier will do very well on their own, especially if/when Spirit goes away as one of the biggest ULCC's when dissolved into JetBlue's company.
E, will you be following the DOJ's case against JB/AA Alliance?
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