Mechanic related questions for Chris Chiames (a.k.a. US Airways, Inc)

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Aug 21, 2002
The rumor in PIT is that heavy maintenance is gone and to be outsourced and that is why the voluntary furlough excludes about 1000 mechanics. It appears they are going to be hitting the streets soon. So chipmunn hold onto your hat and we will see if the employees questions are answered or avoided (again).
Maybe this can be cleared up by Chris Chiames (a.k.a. US Airways, Inc)
Chris Chiames (a.k.a. US Airways, Inc),
Please answer the follow questions.
-Will the company try to get out of any severance pay plans?
-When reading the latest voluntary furlough for the mechanics it says you needed to have seniority in your basic position before 1-1-89. Is the company going to lay off more mechanics than what has been announced?
-Is the company going to attempt to vender heavy maintenance on the Boeing or Airbus equipment?
Please respond Chris Chiames (a.k.a. US Airways, Inc).
This is a duplicate question that was asked in the
"US Airways Responds to CWA Rep.'s Misinformation." thread. This thread will be re-opened for further discussion as it was closed by accident.
[EM]pitguy:eek:ur heavy maintenence is covered in the contract under article 2-scope of the agreement.if it was changed you'd have to vote on it.look it 6 of the're going to be hearing all sorts of rumors until we emerge in march.if,by the way! [/EM]
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