Memorial Day...

I actually have immediate family who died at war.

I didn't comment on the video at all for this reason. Now you force me to comment on what is a day that we always spend together as family to remember my uncle and our other extended family members who gave their lives at war.

I found our POTUS smiling, swaying, & acting like he was at the ball game extremely disappointing, as did the family members of my dead Uncle who are with me on this day of remembrance. They literally gasped.

I have visited Arlington many times to see my family members graves. I have prayed at the Tomb of The Unknowns.

Not one person in my immediate or extended family tried to find a way to get out of Vietnam.

I remember our POTUS downing John McCain For being shot down and captured...and sheeting on Gold Star families.

There were two people next to POTUS today who understood what it means to be at that hallowed place.

Extremely sorry for your familial losses, service related.

From your Trump related posts, and indications toward him, I'm not surprised of your and your family's views.

Bear in mind, you and yours enjoying the freedom of those sacrifices to publicly speak out without repercussions from the government against you.
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This is a nice memorial day post...

There's a good reason why you've never got a bill for your FREEDOM... ...someone's already paid for it.

"No comment"

This....This is an attempt to troll a non political thread-issue.

Notice the difference between my two post Glenn? I salute your family that paid the price for our freedoms but that doesn't give you a free pass. If you or your family (whom don't post here) was so disturbed by President Trump's actions yesterday you should have started a separate thread or just bumped up the existing Trump one. Instead this one is mostly filled with people calling you out for the troll attempt.
That's the problem with chicken hawks.
They have no skin in war.
Yet they are the catalyst of it.
I spent my Memorial Day in reflection of my service, my Families Service and my comrades that died for US!
I remember the WII stories that my Father and Uncles told me.
I reflect on how my Brother was a grunt in RVN 65 and the horrors he hid from me until I came back.
One of my uncles was in the battle at the Chosin Reservoir, he never told me that until I came back from Vietnam.
That was how I spent my Memorial Day.
In reflection of my fellow soldiers that died.

Enough "said" people.

A great many, certainly better than myself and very possibly yourselves gave everything for America and all of us over the course of their/our America's wars. They are fully worth remembering and their sacrifice being properly appreciated, not just on Memorial Day but every day. Period. Against that very reasonable notion all "politics" and childish squabbles should be of no concern to anyone.
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I would have posted this on Memorial Day had I known of it. I'm a huge fan of Mac MacAnally but was unaware of this song. The kid who put together the video did a pretty good job

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