More teamster lies...

I have them at #3 did the pay go up? ITs still a slap to AA (TWU) and US (IAM) pay.
Travis you have been supplied with wrong info from the teamsters. UPS all in rate is wrong. SWA's all in rate is wrong, as well as shift diff. is wrong. What the poster was indicating was that AMFA represents the top 2 pass airlines on pay scales. AMFA's contracts are public knowledge and easy to get.
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I like the way they have N/A on mechanics per aircraft at UPS. lmao
LMAO too.
If MX per aircraft was not a point of comparison, then why have it on their chart?
Doesn't UPS have mechanics?
Doesn't UPS have aircraft?
Then why is no ratio shown?

Maybe it shows UPS at the "bottom of the barrel"?
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I have them at #3 did the pay go up? ITs still a slap to AA (TWU) and US (IAM) pay. http://www.teamster....ison-Sept28.pdf
On that date right after a raise (noted at the bottom of your chart) had kicked in the comparison on those items does appear kinda accurate between the two. On the other hand not even close to the complete compensation package. Alaskan guys are getting about 3 bucks an hour in profit sharing. They get 2 more holidays a year and still have a pension plan. It would be nice to someday get total compensation charts rather than these spin charts!