NO logical reason...(Not to fly PIT to MHT) !

Aug 20, 2002
With MHT as my home airport(right here in my same town) it has "perplexed me" as to why WN has not put a single flight between PIT and MHT(even it it was only 1 trip a day)(ex: MHT/PIT approx.06;30-07:00, with a return approx..Pit/mht 17'30-18:00)

As you all know, WN/pit was built up, due to LCC practically pulling out to concentrate entirely on PHL.
Problem was, that LCC stranded the O+D traffic that DOES go to pit.

I'm not talking 2 "podunk" WN cities here.
Most of the MHT/PIT traffic is forced to pay thru the nose, to have to go DL...MHT/CVG/PIT., while there may be a "direct WN...MHT/PHL/PIT

The Lack of NS - MHT/PIT/WN makes ZERO(make that LESS than zero) sense to to me.
It may have something to do with PIT-MHT not even making the top 1,000 domestic city pairs for traffic.....

jim are you referring to the statistics which reflect the historical number of people traveling between those two airports. If so those numbers might be skewed because some of those potential passengers travel to an alternate airport like maybe BOS to PIT. I guess there is not a good way to estimate the number of people who have the potential to fly between MHT to PIT.
jim are you referring to the statistics which reflect the historical number of people traveling between those two airports.
Since that's all that's available, yes. As you say, it's impossible to say how many people fly to/from BOS whose real origin/destination is the Manchester area. Just like it's impossible to determine how many people fly to/from MHT whose real orgin/destination is the Boston area.

When WN enter's a market, they typically do not enter with one r/t. After studying the market, they determine if there is money to be made and then enter with 3-4 r/t's per day and build up from there. It's kind of funny to me how some airline's advertise how they fly to so many place's and when the passenger actually flies, they find themselves on an express/regional jet. Then as in your case, if WN were to offer only 1 flight a day, what happens when the flight is cancelled? Sorry, we can't get you there till tomorrow? Part of WN's sucess lies in the "high frequency, low fare's" they advertise. I'm sure that WN has studied the market and will eventually add PIT/MHT just as soon as LCC continues to bungle PIT to an even lower status.

I checked with SWA and they commented that they're doing it in retalliation for negative things about SWA that NewHampshireBlackBear has posted on this forum. It seems it's the only way they felt they could get even :)