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True, the base employed 3000 under IAM & AMFA workrules. But did it ever occur to you that AAR's business model only requires 1400? Any idea how many of the 3000 UA employed were involved in back shops & component overhaul?

Well if not for all the articles where AAR was saying that they cant get or retain enough mechanics to do the work then maybe, but since they have, I would say NO.

Please show us the langauge that required UAL to staff the station at double the headcount needed.

By the way your signature is pretty pathetic, its bigger than the content part of your posts.

Freedom, freedom from what? While the King was a focal point the real struggle was against the ruling merchantile class of England and the corporations they controlled, they saw the colonies as just a source of raw materials to be exploited. Those early corporations were stifling the ability of individuals in America to prospering by manipulating the markets and driving down the cost of the raw materials that the American colonies provided. When the colonies became the United States incorporation was very limited and the rights of the corporation were not given equal standing to those of citizens. Corporations did not have a right to exist, they had to prove they were beneficial to society in order to be given permission to exist. Citizens came first. Industrialists exploited a law that gave rights to former slaves to win rights for corporations, now corporate rights superseed the rights of mortal human beings.
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Proponents of failed proposition look for other ways to improve TULE maintenance facilities for AA in addition to improvements for Spirt and other aerospace employers:

"We cannot stop this process," he said. "If the voters did not like this proposal, we as citizens are going to have to find another way to reinvest in these facilities and get them to the point that American Airlines or another airline can use these facilities as long-term maintenance hangars."

Sounds like it will be like a school budget vote or one of our concessionary contract votes, "let them keep voting till they vote the right way".