Nw Flight Attendants To Be Lowest-paid


Jan 20, 2003
Northwest's Flight Attendants Decry Cuts
ST. PAUL PIONEER PRESS via Knight Ridder

Northwest Airlines flight attendants are complaining that a company-proposed cost-cutting target would make them the lowest-paid in the industry, even though they contend they also are the most productive.

Flight attendants said Monday at a media briefing that a company proposal for cost cuts would mean that flight attendants at the top of the pay scale would take wage cuts of about 30 percent, depressing their annual pay from about $47,000 per year to about $33,000. The move would put Northwest's flight attendants at the bottom of the industry, in terms of pay rates.
I know the flight attendants decided not to honor the mechanic's strike and I just wanted to ask one question.

How did that work out for you?
Im sure if the F/A decide to strike over the pay issues they can count on the other unions to honor the picket line :lol: :lol: :lol: :up: