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Aug 20, 2002
Hmmm. sounds like some might want Carty back. That grass that looked so luxuriously green from the other side of the fence suddenly appears to have some nasty crabgrass in the mix.
11:12am 04/25/03
American flight attendants cancel press conference (AMR) By Jennifer Waters
George Price, spokesman for American Airlines'' Association of Professional Flight Attendants, said a scheduled morning press conference has been canceled. "I don''t have any statements at this time," Price said. He said a statement may be released later Friday. American Airlines is prepared to file for bankruptcy protection as soon as Friday if the flight attendants decide not to accept a sweetened concession package hammered out after marathon talks. Chief Executive Don Carty stepped down in the process. Shares of American parent AMR (AMR) , which jumped as much as 10 percent earlier, settled back to $4.17, up 13 cents.
Sears?!? Oh, great. Another chairman from a declining company. Well, the good news is that he didn''t come from K-Mart.

Of course, Arpey will be handling the day-to-day screwings.

At some point people might wish that Carty hadn''t been forced out.
Is this the same Ed Brennan who is/was with 3M company? I hope it is not or the employees at AA are in for some tough times. The people at 3M are not happy campers and here is a little list of the stuff their employees are dealing with:
1) The employee goes on vacation comes back to work and their job had been eliminated and they are given a pink slip.
2) The BOD of 3M finds a new CEO from outside the company and when he starts he says there is not a good enough place to live in that state and wants the company to provide a helicopter so he can live else where.
3) The employees come in every day not knowing if it will be their last day.
About a month ago I was doing some shopping at a store close to the company and the manager and I started talking while she was getting my order ready and she said the men with that company come in every day looking for a job and she tells them all she hires is part time minimum wage and they tell her they will take anything.
Is this going to happen at AA? I think that what ever the employees at AA give to the company will not do any good and the top people that run AA will do what ever they want anyway to get it for themselves.
Maybe the best contract the unions can have would be if any top level manager makes a mess he leaves with nothing period and maybe then things would be different.
He is the guy from Sears. I dont know if it was under his watch or not, that they just canceled all retiree health benefits.
Ed Brennan has been a Sears (Roebuck & Co -- remember that name??) for his entire career. He used to be what they called a "merchandising prince" and I''ve followed his career. Ed lost his magic about 15 years ago but since he was tuned into the CEO network he''s managed to find a paying gig somewhere. Actually I used to admire Ed. But he was the captain of the ship at Sears when Walmart overtook Sears as the largest retailer and Ed did NOTHING.
He should''ve seen Sam Walton coming....

Ed''s brother used to be the CEO of that other venerable Chicago retailer that liquidated. Maybe you''re thinking of that guy?

Interesting note about 3M, thanks. Two years ago they took the unprecedented step outside the company for a new CEO (they got the runner-up in the GE sweepstakes, Jim McInerney). Jim was great at making jet engines for GE, I guess the jury is still out on how he''ll do at the consumer products 3M company.
You are getting as bad as AAObserver, stop instigating, we haven''t said that yet. We have mini-me Bob now.
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On 4/25/2003 10:04:49 AM AAStew wrote:

You are getting as bad as AAObserver, stop instigating, we haven''t said that yet. We have mini-me Bob now.

AAStew - not trying to incite anything, but I do believe that there were many posts in the threads that were calling for Carty''s head that were trying to tell you that things really could be worse than they are.

Well, you''ve got Carty''s head and you have a guy (Arpey) who''s appointment as president a year ago was greeted less than enthusisiastically by labor and who is now Carty''s replacement, and you''ve got a guy who apparently is on the board of directors of another company (outside the airline industry) that did some pretty "employee unfriendly" things who now replaces Arpey.
He IS the 3M guy . . .

[SIZE= 10pt]Edward A. Brennan [/SIZE][SIZE= 10pt](Age 69)

First elected a director in 1987

Retired Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Sears, Roebuck and Co., Chicago, Illinois; merchandising. Mr. Brennan retired from Sears, Roebuck and Co. in 1995. Prior to his retirement, he had been associated with Sears for 39 years. He is also a director of 3M Company; Allstate Corporation; Exelon Corporation; McDonald's Corporation and Morgan Stanley. [/SIZE]

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