PHL International to Domestic Connection information


Feb 18, 2024
I have a two-hour layover in PHL in March. It is an international arrival with a domestic connection to the northeast US via a regional carrier (American Eagle). The ticket was booked with American all the way through and was booked as a part of a contiguous trip. In my experience, 2 hours is just about enough time to transit from international arrival, through customs, baggage claim, recheck of baggage, and getting to the connecting flight. It's going to be tight, and I am going to want to understand what I am doing so I can execute it as efficiently as possible. FWIW I do have TSA precheck and will also do a mobile passport. i do not have Global Entry and there is no time to get it. That said, PHL posts Security checkpoint times and it looks like during that period, it takes 17 minutes to clear security. So yeah... tight, especially if I have to make it to Terminal F, which seems likely at this time.

I do not have the gates yet for this, but I am assuming I am arriving in A-West and going through the International Arrivals Hall / Customs / Baggage Claim. It is at that point that I am not sure what I am doing. If anyone has done this in the past, ie: international arrival at PHL with a connecting domestic flight, especially if it is in another terminal, ie: B/C/D/F, I'd like to hear about it. For example:

1. Where is the baggage recheck? In other airports I have been at, it is simply an area - an open room - after the main baggage check for connecting flights where they tell you to leave it. And go on.
2. After picking up bags, and redepositing theme wherever, I need to get back to the secure area, and will need to pass through security. If I am going to Terminal F, there is a shuttle that goes to F and leaves from the secure area between A-East and Terminal B. I assume, therefore, that I need to re-enter the secure area via the Security Checkpoint for A-East?

The maps show a bridge from baggage claim, over the railway back into A-East - through a Security Checkpoint. Is this correct?

From there, I know that I will either take the shuttle or perhaps walk to wherever the domestic flight is, but it is transitioning from Baggage Claim to dropping of bags again, to getting back into the secure area that I am not sure of. Anything and everything in terms of the details of this portion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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