Connecting Flight on Different Airline Question


Aug 5, 2010
I am flying out tomorrow and I am booking a last minute ticket. I am flying starting on usair but I have a 2 connecting flights, 1st on usair and the 2nd on Im guessing united. On the usair website it states its operated by united airlines. Now heres my question, I am checking a bag. Will i have to go get the bag from baggage claim and recheck it since I would techincally be switching airlines or will they make sure it gets to my final destination? Normally I wouldnt care but the layover is so short, I'm afraid I'll end up missing my last connecting flight.
If the flights are all on one ticket and are indeed on US/UA your bags should be transfered as necessary and show up at your destination's baggage claim. As always, tight connections could cause your baggage to misconnect, especially in the flight inbound to the connecting airport is late but they should still get to your destination on the next flight.