Railroad Union Strike Threat Kneecapped by Biden

BTW those Gasbags and the ones screaming “Contract Now” are trying to motivate the slugs who just sit on their asses doing nothing but complaining. Without them you actually might as well work for Delta or JetBlue anyway. If you can’t lift a finger of effort why in the world should anything be handed to you? You don’t deserve it.
If only those gasbags put that kind of effort into actually doing their job instead of hiding behind their seniority to avoid work.

I remember Bears bragging about timing his vote to purposely inconvenience passengers at Amtrak. Different UNION, same BS.
Good job undercutting your own point. There’s literally one person on this board that uses their real name, and unless it says “WeAAsles” on your SIDA badge, it ain’t you (or me).
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Let’s try to get this one back on topic too. This would not have happened if these workers were not Union members because they would not have had the cohesion to put pressure on their employers to gain what they said they wanted. Even if it did happen outside the normal processes.

“Norfolk Southern Corporation (NYSE:NSC) announced agreements with two unions to provide 7 sick days per annum to union members.

According to the railroad operator, both the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) and the Brotherhoodof Railway Carmen (BRC) have agreed to the terms. The agreement allows for the “more than 1,350 employees” represented by the unions to receive four new days of paid sick leave per year and flexibility to use 3 days of existing paid time off as sick leave.

“Following national negotiations with the unions representing our craft railroaders, we knew we could do more at the local level to improve their quality of life and experience,” CEO Alan Shaw said. "We are focused on building strong, productive relationships with local union leaders and these new agreements underscore the progress we can achieve when we work together to make a positive impact in the lives of our hardworking railroaders.”

The latest agreement mirrors the deal reached with the International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail, Transportation Workers, Mechanical Department (SMART-MD) and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) on Friday.”