Re: Pink Planes

Positive Rate

Nov 12, 2002
Don''t be too hard on Mile High Guy. With regards to his pink planes post, I''m sure he was referring to a very positive article in last months Airways Magazine titled Tickled Pink At JetBlue. The article is a nice summary of JetBlue''s success to date with a main focus on it''s LongBeach operations.
I don't think people would be so hard on him if it weren't for, among other things no doubt, his obnoxious series of Vietnam-bashing posts over on the AA board. The pink planes post--which totally lacked context or explanation, by the way--was just the straw that broke the camel's back, IMHO.

But that's enough on MileHighGuy--I really don't want to give him the attention that he obviously craves but doesn't deserve.