Daniel Litwin

Jan 23, 2019
Hey all! I'm new here, but wanted to share a podcast I put together on Herb Kelleher that I think you'd all enjoy.


"Herb Kelleher loved people and he didn’t think air travel should be relegated to the wealthy."

The late Herb Kelleher was not only a legend in the airline industry, but he set an example for leaders and business owners worldwide on how to brand a company, how to deal with tragedy, and how to grow a business from nothing to superstar status.

All the articles I saw praising Herb were great, but I wanted something more personal. So, I got in contact with former Senior Vice President of Culture & Communications at Southwest Airlines, Ginger Hardage, to reminisce on her time working with Herb and recount personal moments with a colleague, mentor, and friend.

Do y'all have any great stories from working with Southwest, having met Herb, or just positive experiences with the company culture? Would love to hear them.