Revenue continues to fall fast at DL

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it only seems sensational if you refuse to include any comparison - which would actually show that DL has had so far this year and is expected to have a lower RASM decline than AA and UA - the most direct competitors since all 3 share int'l routes which are the biggest driver of RASM decline.

Delta Air Lines’ PRASM fell less than its major competitors, American Airlines (AAL) and United Continental (UAL). AAL expects its PRASM to fall by 6%–8% and UAL expects its PRASM to decline by 5.25%–5.75% in 2Q15. JetBlue Airways (JBLU) was the only airline that did not report a decline in its PRASM.

Our Top Pick Among Legacy Carriers in H2: Delta remains our top legacy carrier pick given the above aspects, along with an attractive earnings growth profile in 2016, and better relative unit revenue performance vs. peers. We see the most upside to international profitability at Delta as well, with a more balanced geographic exposure and a reliance on JVs for increased exposure and connectivity in non-US regions

the only spin comes by not telling the whole truth

Delta Air Lines remains the highest market cap airline in the western world and enjoys a 33% market cap premium over larger peer AAL which is the 2nd highest US airline by market cap.
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WOW.... cant wait to see the spin on this!!!!!
I'm sure a poster will circle the wagons.  Maybe there will be mention of a decrepit oil refinery that DL is considering purchasing from Petrobras, along with a fabricated fact something along the lines of DL-G3 partnership is generating more revenue than any other partnership, ever, except for DL-VS ... ... ... Regardless, the takehome message will be that DL is still winning!
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The take home message that all of the analysts manage to get is that low fuel prices are creating a domestic environment that is conducive to capacity growth which is pushing down fares while in international markets, the strong dollar is hurting inbound tourism to the US which is stronger in the US winter than in the summer.

The only wagon circling comes from those who want to try and negate obvious indudstry realities and the fact that DL has laid out a plan to work within the current industry environment which analysts believe has the potential to generate better financial returns than its competitors.
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