Rival Bid for USAirways


US now begins to look like a very attractive investment candidate compared to most other airlines, should they continue to be successful in their efforts to restructure. They are on track to emerge from Ch.11 in about late January 2003 with a competitively lower cost structure, much less debt on the balance sheet and efficiency throughout the company. This gives them a competitive edge over the other carriers who are still struggling to right their listing or sinking ships. UAL will be shortly behind US. It remains to be seen how UA will restructure. But if both companies can succeed in doing so, their proposed codeshare will cause a CONSIDERABLE amount of revenue erosion from other carriers, especially Delta. But we at UA need to stop wasting precious time and start restructuring or the window of opportunity will slam shut.
All passengers will be required to know the ALABAMA fight song. Before take off, we will show clips of the great Alabama coach Paul Bear Bryant saying I Aint Never Been Nothing But A Winner . Finally, on approach we will play Sweet Home Alabama. Just what this industry needs, a little humor. ROLL TIDE
On 9/19/2002 9:10:45 PM MrMarky wrote:

Or as the late, great Gov. George Wallace would say,[/P]

[EM]"Deregulation today, deregulation tomorrow, deregulation forever!" [/EM] [/P]
Now that's funny!