Ryanair raises profit forecast


Oct 29, 2003
Ryanair has lifted its full-year profit forecast and reported a 32% rise in half-year net profit to €795m (£621m).  The no-frills airline said full-year profit would now be between €750m and €770m, compared with its previous forecast of €650m.  Passenger numbers rose 4% in the first half of the year, and it now expects traffic to rise 16% in the second half.
a very accurate and worthwhile read as to why intra-Asia flying is on track to follow the same trajectory that is taking place in Europe and why Ryanair and Easyjet managed to dominate the LCC market in Europe, providing clues as to how LCC evolution will play out in Asia.

while the article doesn't talk about the US, it is worth noting that the only way the US legacy carriers have been able to overcome the influence of low fare carriers is to use BK to reset costs and then consolidate enough that the low fare carriers cannot gain an appreciably large share.

only half of that equation is available in most of the world.
It looks like Easyjet is doing OK too:
Profits rose to £581m for the 12 months to end of September, up from £478m in the previous year.
The UK carrier also said it had transported 64.8 million passengers - marking a 7% rise.
The amount of available seats on Easyjet flights grew by 5.1% to 71.5 million, of which almost 91% were filled.
The airline said it was seeing increasing passenger loyalty, with 57% of existing customers rebooking each year.