Southwest and AA Adding Flights For Superbowl


Oct 23, 2010
This is great for the KC folks that wanna make it to superbowl.

But here is what doesn't make any sense what-so-ever, think about it people. The medical officials are warning folks not to travel during this pandemic. People in the medical field are asking people to stay home, Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers are all suggesting no travel right now especially for "superbowl".
And now here we have, I assume, the NFL is sending 7500 "HEALTHCARE WORKERS" to Super Bowl LV!!!
What kind of message does this send? It tells folks that it is perfectly OK to travel during this pandemic, "especially" for the Super Bowl when they have said Super Bowl is no exception on traveling during pandemic. What were these dum a$$es thinking when they are holding back 7500 tickets for "HEATHCARE" workers when the very same people are warning others to not travel at this time. Sends a very mix up message, HELLO!!! What the F were they thinking???
Doesn't matter if vaccinated or not. The message this sends by the NFL when other Health Officials as well as Healthcare Workers asking everyone to not travel right now during this pandemic, and adding that the Super Bowl is no exception.
And BTW, I have read where folks that already received the vaccination has also came up positive after the fact. So there will be roughly 1/3'd of the attendance to Super Bowl will be high risk folks that are possibly taking care of covid positive patients. Does not matter if "they" have been vaccinated as it lives long enough for "them" to spread it from them to others that "ARE NOT" vaccinated. Sure they are vaccinated and maybe they won't get it, but they dam sure can still carry it and transfer it in a very crowded venue. Did anyone in the healthcare venues think about that? We all know how more relaxed people will get after a few drinks at the game as well as the good feelings they may get from the outcome thru-out the game if their team is winning ect...
Hugging, back padding, high fives and more.
It may be a bit hypocritical, but I won't be there so who cares.

I take a big enough risk going to work everyday.

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