Aug 9, 2005
The South
There isn’t much in here about SpaceX. I expected there to be a few current threads on it, for some reason I find that really odd especially with their recent Crew Dragon demo success and their recent certification to carry humans. Their Crew-1 mission should happen next week. Then there’s the whole Starship development that’s currently going on. There should be a test flight for it in the next couple of weeks. If Starship is successful, which I’m sure it will be, there is discussion of using it as an airliner with point to point service on Earth. Just find it interesting that you guys are ignoring it.
Interestingly enough there is a front-page article today in the Dallas Morning News about the first regular NASA mission by Space X. Takeoff yesterday from Kennedy Space Center.
sub headline on page 4A said "Regular flights to begin."

That being said I was unable to Google the article in order to provide a link to it. Hope someone else can find it and post it.
LOL, SpaceX has blown the doors off of Boeing, Grumman and Lockheed. Aren’t they union shops? This must be unionized “AMTs” they’re using to build those rockets that will probably never fly. Looks like their government welfare just might be cut off. ULA, the biggest failure NASA ever invested in.