Spirits Stock is Outdoing Other Airlines...


Oct 23, 2010
Spirits stock seems to be doing rather well and better than JB, HA, and AA. It has increased more than 10.00 in the last month or so. Outpacing JetBlue, Hawaiian, and American. Not a fantastic 4th Q, but a good enough one with a small dip of around 3% loss in seat revenues. Something else must be triggering the stock growth, might be that they are back to growing and expanding again...

Edited Transcript of SAVE earnings conference call or presentation 6-Feb-20 2:30pm GMT
SAVE was trading in the 60's a year ago, and dropped into the 30's last October.

On a 30 day basis, JBLU's up 16% compared to SAVE's 11% and AAL's 9.3%....
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Your probably right E. I was referring to lately they moved out of the 30's into 40's. Didn't mean overall history.

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