Stock Offering


Nov 23, 2013
I see AA is going to issue over 1 billion in stock. It may be prudent but it amplifies the errors of buying back so much stock the past few years. Buy high sell low, not exactly good economics.
Buy as much as you can cause my hedge fund buddy says AAL is the next GME :cool:
Remember that Mr. Warren Buffett, probably the most respected stock investor in the world, had been investing in the market for years before he ever bought airline stock. IIRC, he kept it less than a year before selling it at a loss.

So, before following in the tracks of one of the richest men on earth, the following conditions should be met.
1. Your momma has kept the guest bedroom bed reserved for you.
2. Your dad was able to get back your sacker job at the grocery story for you.
3. That savings account your grand daddy started for you hasn't been touched.
4. Realize that cutting grass and trimming hedges probably pays better in these time than at that airline where the stock "rocketed" to $12/shr 3 times in a month.from $8/shr (not judgin, just sayin )
5. You finally convince your girlfriend that taking turns paying for dates is the cool thing to do and talking into a clown's mouth IS dining out.
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