SW vs US Question #6

Oliver Twist

Aug 20, 2002
Raleigh, NC
Can the numbers of different fleet types make such a huge difference in operating costs?
US has 737/757/767/a319/320/321/330''s (did I forget one?). SW has 737''s.
When I look at the tires we have in our station, one can only guess as to the true parts costs and training costs of having so many different airplanes. Is the cost as high as it appears? Is the company really trying to divest itself of so many incompatible aircraft types? What type do you see us flying in 5 yrs or 10? Can our crews benefit from having fewer airplane types and thus lead to more utilization of resources, both people and cash? Is it a relevant question at all?
I really think we should go with the all-Airbus idea, with the addition (after, hopefully, we bounce back) of the A318 and A330-200. That leaves a major airline with only two aircraft types- the narrowbody A320 family 318/19/20/21 and 330 widebody family 333-200/330-300 and even perhaps 340 (I know I'm dreaming with the 340, U would probably fly it on Greensboro turns while sending an RJ to DEN) The consolodated fleet would bring down crew and training costs immmensly, would give all work groups an expertise in a single type, have a seamless impression for the passenger, have standard ground and galley equiptment...in my opinion the savings are endless. I also believe the A318 would be the perfect type for service on long thin routes, say, a hub to Sacramento or Austin ot Salt Lake City. The shorter 330 could take over our 767 routes and be used if we started service to South America, as could perhaps an EOW A321. I say get the blasted RJs, 30-90 seats, let them preserve our traditional East Coast turf and give all the others a run for their money by competing for once, while we use mainline to expand our horizons. Dont shrink, just grow out of the old Allegheny Airlines box we seem to return to! Especially with the alliance, service CAN be justfied west of the Missisippi. We do well in the Carribbean, why not more Central America? Our transatlantic service is impeccable, and from what I understand we make money on it, especially in cargo (correct me if I'm wrong), why not servive to Dublin, Zurich, Milan? This is all obviously contingent on whether we even survive. Does anyone agree or disagree with all-Airbus?