Swing state election fraud

Think about this, look at all the mental issues that seem to be more prevalent in our youth, like millennials, gen x and gen z.

They all grew up with social media.
That's a problem for our youth. It's also a problem for baby boomers who are what they think is "internet savvy". Bearing in mind that in the old days, the NTY would want to "scoop" the Wall Street Journal or Washington Post, but there wasn't a zillion other voices - they could verify their reporting. Today, their competition is Tweeter and other social media. Someone like Carlson can put something on Twitter that is utter bull excrement and 85 million people will see it. Now legitimate news is "behind the 8 ball".

People pooh pooh Facebook. I have 177 friends on FAcebook. If I posted some BS and shared it with my friends and they shared it with their friends who shared it with THEIR friends, it would have been seen by over a million people in a matter of hours. And we consider ourselves to be "informed". But the internet and social media has algorithms that quickly note your political leanings and your likes and dislikes so your "news feed" is tailored to what you WANT to see. So if you are shown something that is utter BS, simply agreeing with what it says does not make it right. And that goes either way. The problem is - one has to consciously look for BOTH sides and not just accept what comes across their feed. But that takes work. And one thing the internet has made us is - lazy.
Someone like Carlson can put something on Twitter that is utter bull excrement and 85 million people will see it
You mean just like NYT, WAPO do now?

Now legitimate news is "behind the 8 ball".
Legitimate news died several decades ago, now typing, exclusively for the democrat party.......DNC Pravda if you will.
Notice the comment by the Liberal Judge.

  • Today's high-stakes hearing: The Supreme Court appears poised to back former President Donald Trump and fend off a blockbuster challenge to his eligibility to appear on Colorado’s ballot as a presidential candidate in 2024, a move that would extract the justices from one of the most politically fraught appeals in the court’s history.
  • What the justices said: The justices’ questions to the Colorado challengers suggested support for Trump in the dispute. Chief Justice John Roberts, a key vote to watch in the case, suggested one of Colorado's arguments is "at war" with the thrust of the 14th Amendment. Meanwhile, Justice Elena Kagan, a liberal who is being watched for signs of a possible compromise ruling, asked why a single state should be able to decide who should be on the ballot in a national election.
You mean just like NYT, WAPO do now?
Yep. As I said, their competition isn't each other anymore - it's some clown in his mothers basement. I mention Facebook...I have 177 Friends on Facebook. But 5 of my random friends have a total of 2200 friends. Take away the mutual friends and that's about 2000 people who don't know me, but who could see a post that one of those guys shared. And if those 2000 friends share it with THEIR 2000 friends...who shares it with THEIR 2000 friends, Little old me can be seen by over 100,000 people in a matter of minutes. And that's with just 5 of my friends sharing it. And THIS is where most people get their "news". And THAT is what the NYT WAPO and even Fox is competing with.

If you are on Facebook and you see a post shared by a friend and you agree with the post - do you check it? Facebook and Twitter used to, but we called that "censorship". And heres' something you might not know - I have a lot of liberal friends and many of THEIR posts had the "questionable content" warning. So they weren't targeting conservative views
Here again an intelligent discussion from a reputable News source on the SCOTUS issue whether or not a State has the right to kick a Candidate off the ballot in a Federal election using the argument of a Federal Law (Insurrection) that has not yet been “Legally” decided. Insurrection may eventually be decided at the Federal Level brought before the SCOTUS but it hasn’t yet been.

So it sounds at the moment as if the SCOTUS will rule in President Trumps favor. (This time)