Terminal "A" , MCI


Aug 20, 2002
Imagine if you will, looking through the darkened glass of terminal A at Kansas City International. There at the bar is a ghostly image of James Dean, his arms folded across the bar, his stare--far away. Beyond him on the ramp are other faint images, tails of jetliners: Braniff, TWA, and Vanguard. You see US Air less faint, but the dark blue is not as brilliant as it once was. Dean snuffs out his cigarette and vanishes. The smoke lingers---the other images do not.
Terminal "A" MCI "The Terminal of Broken Dreams"
My understanding was that Vanguard moved to A.

UA is moving to A this fall.

I think you might mean Terminal B in MCI. TWA, Vanguard, and Braniff used
to call Term B home, as well as Western. USAir is in terminal A, United in
Terminal C.
Don't forget Eastern, another of the many airlines to haul down their jetway signs at MCI.
On 8/20/2002 11:04:03 AM

My understanding was that Vanguard moved to A.

UA is moving to A this fall.


You are correct on the first one, and I'll take your word on the second.
Was just passing through MCI last week, and had several hours to kill so I wandered through all three 'circles'.
A, the "Ghost Terminal", now has only US/US*, although the Vanguard signage is still up. It really is as empty as a tomb.
B is the busy place, with Herb, Delta (who moved over where Vanguard was formerly located), and AA.

C is everyone else: NW, CO, UA, Frontier, HP, and Midwest.

Incidentally, parts of all three terminals are presently closed for construction.

Seems like they could easily move US out of A and just shut the entire terminal down--MCI has no lack of excess capacity!