The CWA contract currently on the table ..does it state retroactive until July 1 ...?


Aug 20, 2002
This is a sticking point for most of my coworkers..just wondered if it's still on the current offer..whatever that may be...? That's the frustrating part...We the members are not even sure what's on the table...? CWA needs to share this info with members...[:0] //
I know CWA is working hard on our behalf...just wish more info was shared with those who pay the dues...
Heard from our local CWA rep, that the retro pay to July 1st was NOT on the table, but the monies were factored in to the current figures. But, we're just waiting along with everyone else. Anyone out there hear that the CAD desk for reservations is being moved to INT? Just wondered.
If it is, vote no. Retro and vacation were why I voted a big REJECT on the IAM proposal for the mechanics. The idea of me giving back the money I worked for is, well, plain out funny.

Actually, I will agree to a retroactive pay cut, if Wolf and Gangwal do too, back to their start date. Dave, you're looking in the wrong place for the US Airways missing fortune. I think its in Steve's wine cellar or jaguar collection. My few bottles of Boones and Mad Dog, along with my used Ford shows that I haven't quite been living the high life that you think [:bigsmile:]
WHat bottles are you gonna have in that cabinet once we dont have a job ?[;)]
I doubt that the system CAD desk will move to INT. They have a small desk there already with only about 20 agents on the bid, and they only handle INTL CSD and RI CSD. PIT has a little over 90 w/ the two INTL CSD and DOM CSD desks combined.[:bigsmile:]
Retroactive concessions, whether it's in W-2 or other concession is a requirement of the DIP financiers and ATSB. Siegel's not the hammer, it's the investors and the ATSB.

Without third quarter retroactive savings, the DIP/emergence financing and loan guarantee is at risk.

On 9/3/2002 9:42:40 PM

What if this "rumor" is sending a cryptic message about PIT RES in general..Nah! cant be.[:((]

Who knows, its always Russian roulette with these things, who knew SAN was going to close. And I'm talking about before 9/11.

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