The Pension Pot Is Starting To Boil

Fly said:
The saddest thing for all airline employees is that senior management has seen our hand, and they now know we will do whatever it takes to remain in aviation. And there can be no mistake about it, they will use every possible means to bring us back 50 years in work rules.

In a perverse sense, UAL got very lucky by not getting the ATSB approval. Instead of $1.5 billion in loan guarantee, they get $8 billion in pension relief which they don't have to pay back. I wonder if the ATSB folks are wishing they would have approved it now? (Although I think UAL still would have dumped the pensions anyway)

Do you honestly think that the UA unions(minus ALPA) will sit still, while UA gets 8 billion in relief, and tries to "permanently' cut their pay etc ????

You'll "walk the picket line won't you fly" ???????????????????????????????????

NewHampshire Black Bears said:
It's a safe bet, that considering the A$$ holes that make up the current administration in the (Bush) white house, their "deep love" for Big business, that they'll bend-over-backwards $$$$$ to help/bailout the legacy's.

Unlike Amtrak, which "Dumbya" hates, the BIG airlines, are headquartered all over the "fruited plain", and THAT MEANS VOTES !!!

Some examples;

AA/Texas/"Red State" !!!!!!
CO/Texas/"Red State" !!!!!!
DL/Georgia?"Red state" !!!!
So sorry Wn, Air Tran !!
It'll be interesting to see if George Jr remembers all those GOP members/Airline employees who voted for/re-elected him. Although now that he's back in office(2nd term) he may suddenly have a mysterious case of amnesia.