The Screwings Continue one more week of vacation gone

If the real concern is over keeping a paycheck during the closure, how much effort is it to simply put what you'd be paying in Flex deductions into your savings account?...

I don't disagree that having only one week of vacation is wrong, but that's what you guys negotiated...
Flying low said:
Yes, taking away the flex vacation is demoralizing, but I wonder if AA was the only airline that had it. If so, is AA just adopting US airways rules and aligning with the rest of the industry?
I think UA has (or had) it, but am not 100% sure. 

NW ramp had a deal sorta similar, but instead of buying it, you gave up x amount of holidays in exchange for a week. I never knew anyone who took it, but FWIW, we also had a really good CS policy in our CBA.