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ARLINGTON ( - US Airways led the airline industry in two key customer service measures in the Department of Transportation’s Air Travel Consumer Report for July.
With on-time arrivals at 83.2 percent, US Airways tied with United for the best performance on punctuality. In the category of fewest mishandled bags, US Airways also was on top with 2.71 reports per 1,000 passengers.
“This is a performance that is nothing short of spectacular,â€￾ said President and CEO Dave Siegel. “I am extremely proud of how everyone has come together as a team to provide our customers with outstanding service. You have my sincere thanks,â€￾ he said.
In the on-time arrivals category, Continental was second with 82.8 percent of flights arriving on time, while American Eagle was tenth at 76.2 percent. The industry average for the month was 79.8 percent. Alaska was second in the mishandled baggage ranking at 3.03 reports, while American Eagle was last with 9.66 reports. The industry average 3.99 reports for July.
US Airways was at the industry average for consumer complaints with 1.41 per 100,000 passengers, for a sixth-place ranking. Southwest led the category at 0.32, while United was last with a score of 2.5.
Meanwhile, US Airways continued its strong performance momentum into August, setting company records in all key operational performance areas for the month, according to Bob Maloney, managing director of Operations Control and Planning.
Departures, both on-time (S:00)and within five minutes of the schedule (S:05) were at 71 percent and 81.8 percent, respectively, for a new internal record for August.
Arrivals at S:00 were at 67.9 percent, the best showing ever, easily surpassing the previous best of 66.6 percent in November 2001 and far above the previous best August performance in 1998 of 54.2 percent.
The other measures for which the company broke August records are fleet launch, miles completed and hub-bound flights. “This is truly an accomplishment for which all employees should take a bow,â€￾ Maloney said.
Super!!...Who Gives a Flying Phuck??....When statistics equate to profits?..and then to increased salaries and job retention, then we can all start jumping up and down and patting ourselves on the back. Until then? ,it's just superficial figures. When we have an actual business plan backed by alike numbers , that starts to mean something?....beyond that? , we have only ACARS to thank. Sorry for the negative spin....but real is real ..and numbers can be tossed about like Raggedy Ann at this point. Hopefully a change in this realistic summation is on the horizon...but until then? Lets get excited by getting our garbage can to the curb..just slightly before the trash truck shows up. I guess you have to find your victory's , where you can find them?
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[P]Have you been drinking again AOG-N-IT?[/P]
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[P]Actually he speaks the truth..statistics and cornhusker state college surveys mean nothing when 1-you're losing money daily, 2-when the schedules are padded heavily as it is, and 3-when the customers could care less about your on time perf. etc because they want cheap, cheaper, and cheapest.[/P][/BLOCKQUOTE]
It always cracks me up when you compare statistics among the carriers. Lets see, Jet Blue has a few dozen airplanes and can achieve a 80%+ on time and US has 300+ and they get 80%+ and AA has 800+ and gets a 75%+ on time.

Who figures out the percentages and what do the numbers really say. I was really amazed at the press reporting that JBLU had already installed Bullit Proof doors on its ENTIRE FLEET, light years ahead of its competitors. HMMMM, 25 planes == 25 doors, 300 ==300 doors, are you wrong for not having 300+ doors done in 1 week?

My opinion?