TWU''s version? American Turn Around Plan

On 2/13/2003 7:18:13 PM DFWFSC wrote:

Seems like they can get guys to retire without a package.

I think that's true for a lot of folks, not just the TWU. I don't know of any in management yet, but once the depth of the pay cuts and/or benefit changes are known, it wouldn't surprise me to see the same thing happening elsewhere.

It's also not just the people at the top of the seniority list, either. Some folks are already leaving in advance of paycuts...

On 2/13/2003 12:48:19 PM AAquila wrote:

American Turn Around Plan, ATAP
According to a poster on yahoo the following is either a proposal or has already been agreed to. TWU concessions consist of the holiday after thanksgiving $33 million. One vacation week $55 million.

This is calculated to be 110 $million to be paid in form of a bond backed by assets payable in 11 years with flexible rate , 5 below prime.

Employees may pick any 2 weeks per yr. and only scheduled hours count not overtime or csw hours beyond scheduled. If no selection is made Amount will be deducted in 4 amounts in Jan and Oct.

The Mar 3% increase when factoring in with overtime amounts to $84 million.You wont miss what you never had.

An early out package that will allow 5000 top pay mech., title II cleaners, fsc and other TWU rep workers.They will be replaced with lower starting rate employees.

The savings in vac pay, differences hi lo rates, and productivity minus cost of incentives ($20000) per employees estimated relief $168 million.

Farm out of parts of auto shop at JFK,MIA,ORD,LAX,DFW this is worth this is worth $29mllion. A pay cut of 9% across all classifications is worth $352 million. Contract would run an additional 3 yrs all pay benefits would snapback on amenable date.

The whole pkg. is contingent on AA first negotiaing $966 million in relief from leasers and mortgage holders. Sounds like a pre- pkg job.

Anybody out there?

I just lit 10 candles, am praying to my lucky rabbits foot, and I've got my (catholic) wife saying the rosary once an hour, HOPING your rumor is right about the "5000" top pay TWU/ers being offered an EARLY OUT !!!!!!!!!

AAquila, you've just been nominated to PERSONALLY moniter the "potential" E/O rumor.
If "this" rumor is as accurate as your usual posts, then a lot of guy's will "in tall clover"

We're counting on you BIG TIME, AAquila !!!

I agree!

In Tulsa, the retirement counselor is booked out over 3 weeks.

If you were to go put your name on the appointment list today, you wouldn't get an appointment until 3rd week of March.

The early out is the paycut!
I'm still looking for the YAHOO link where this "alleged" plan can be found!


One would have to calculate if it's worth taking the 3% per year loss if retiring before 60, or staying and losing money in the cash balance fund.
I agree w/ others looking for the "missing link" to the Yahoo board where the message was purportedly posted.
I'd take anything on the Yahoo board with a grain of salt.

Regarding holidays and vacation, anyone really have any objection to losing Presidents Day and perhaps one other to keep that week of vacation?

Or allow the purchase of more than one flex week per year.Personally, I'd buy more if I was able to.
Even though we can't find any link to this posting, the suggestions of it don't seem all that out in left field when you consider what AA might want. I believe USAir employees did lose vacation time, are no longer paid for the first sick days (I'm not sure how many), more aircraft maintenance contracted out, smaller outstations no longer staffed by USAir employees.
On 2/13/2003 2:05:44 PM bagsmasher wrote:

My point is that it is original AAer's that will be taking the paycut, while the TWAer's are enjoying a $3/hr. raise.
How is this fair?

On 2/13/2003 1:05:00 PM bagsmasher wrote:

FSC's top out at $22.71 right now. If we give up our 3% contract raise on 3/1/03, and give up 9% on top of that, we will be making $20.66 per hour.
On the flip side, a TWALLC FSC got a $5.04 per hour raise when they came across. Now they are being asked to give up $2.05 per hour. That means they are still getting a raise of $2.99 per hour.
TWA and AA are the same company now Bags. Get over it.
Well one thing's for sure.
Carty wants a lot of things to be "PERMANANT" !!!!!

How much more permanant can you get than "getting rid" of FSC's about to make close to $25 an hour (CC's), and replacing them with people who may NEVER see a top out rate "ever coming close" to $20 an hour ?????


"LET MY PEOPLE GO" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Honey, keep "working" those rosary beads, and lite some more candles please" !!!!
I can see the headlines now...

"Thousands of DFW area workers are trading in their weedeaters and mowers to get checked out on beltloaders and FMC loaders." news at 11......